🆕Patch 19.2.3

We Updated to Season19 Part 2-3

Renewall of Dark Lord Character:

  • New Dark Horse

  • New Dark Raven (Fire, Ice, Holy)

  • New Dark Raven Buff 'Divine Force' ~> 1.000 DMG

  • New Dark Horse Buff 'Divine Aura' ~> 2.000 DEF

  • New Add Stats Buff 'Crow Force' ~> (Command/3200)

  • New Add Dmg/Combat Buff 'Battle Glory' ~> (Command+Agi)/160

  • Dark Lord Combat Power Weapons has been added

  • Dark Lord Shields has been added

Leviathan Mount:

  • DROP Seal of Leviathan on Twisted Karutan Map (this is disable for now)

New Map Twisted Karutan:

  • New Elite Monster from map added (50 total)

  • New Elite BOSS from map added (Hero Kondra)

Earring Update:

  • 7th Earring Release: Verdant

  • Get it from Box of Earring (XSHOP)

  • Get Seal of Verdant on RuudShop and Evolve it!

Control + T (hotkey):

  • Now you can enter events by clicking

  • Use Control + T and see Events/BOSS/Battles

Artifact System Update:

  • Now you can 'refine' your artifacts to get Enhancement Stone

  • Artifacts now have 'colored-tiers', 1 to 9 (grade) ~ 10 = pink

[INFO] MuPass & Battle Pass & Hunt Points:

We talked about it last update, but webzen changed all with the 2-3 Update (T_T)

HUNT Points got wiped, and will be wipe again 30-July together with 'pass-ending' MuPass will be work together and will be wiped 30-July and duration 45 days Always Battle Pass will work until 30-July (no time for next battle pass)

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