🔹Ruud Set

Hello Epic Players,

① A doubt that I see most asked about ruuds sets is "Is it worth it?", "Is it really strong?", "How do I buy it?"

② The answer is yes, this set is very worthwhile for those who are already going to "End Game".

â‘ĸ Its great differential for the other sets, is the option after completing some parts of the armor, giving you great attributes after completing it.

â‘Ŗ By default, the BloodAngel set is sealed.

We have a specific guide to removing this badge > BloodAngel Set <

What are the items needed to evolve the ruud set ❓




Frosty or Blue Eye:

Forefathers or Silver Heart:




Lightining Spirit


  • items that contain "Soul", are for armor.

  • Items that contain "Anvil", are for weapons.

  • Each part of SET will need 1 item of evolution accounting for a total of 5 or 4 items to evolve the set completely.

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