🤩How to Start?

Hello epic Players,

1 - First of all, you need to register an account on our server.

In our navigation menu, you will find the "REGISTRATION" menu where you will start your new adventure.

Web Site: https://epicmu.net/registration

2 - Register new user

① In this area, you fill in your credentials to perform a new registration on a new server.

3 - Confirm your Registration

① You will receive our e-mail with your registration data containing User and Password.

Note: It is necessary to verify your account.

Remembering that the password is random, if you want to change it, just access: ( https://epicmu.net/lost-password ) and fill in the necessary data to change it. You will receive another email containing a link to change your password.

4 - Download Game

Through this link ( https://epicmu.net/downloads ) you will be able to download the game. Remembering that we have several download methods, choose the one you find most comfortable.

5 - Extract and configure the game

Extract the file you downloaded, open the folder and click on "Launcher". A brief recommendation is always to start with laucher, because if you have any updates, laucher will take care that your game is always up to date.

When you click on the launcher, this screen appears where you can configure the game according to your needs. If you're ready, it's time to start the adventure by pressing "Play Now".

6 - Login and creat you character

Log in with your credentials, create your first character and start this new journey!

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