Patch Log 19.1.3


  • [Fixed] WOP not repair

  • [Fixed] issues with GL Shields

  • [Fixed] Ch16 with BOSS

  • [Fixed] All Channel with PvM Square

  • [Fixed] All Channel with Crystal Map Monsters

  • [Fixed] NO-PvM Square Invasions on CH12


  • [Fixed] Issues on some skills that were not getting extra power after update 5th tree

[BETA] Its working only channel 12, test please and I will reproduce the 'fix' on other servers tomorrow.


  • [Fixed] issues with Ability Tree (double cards)

  • [Fixed] issues with random disconnects (packet system)

  • Improved Server security (packet protection)

  • [Updated] Stores ('P' function), now works in all sub-servers


[NEW] Events:

[Updated] Ability Cards & Skill Tree:

[Added] Core Design Drop on Elite (1%) [Updated] 5th Skill Tree [Added] Ability Card Drop x3 bigger (BC/DS/Elites) (

[NEW] New Harmony Options:

Strenght Increae +2000 Agility Increase +2000 Energy Increase +2000 Critical Damage Increase +15.000 Excellent Damage Increase +15.000

Max AG Increase +20.000 Max HP Increase +20.000 Max Mana Increase +20.000 Damage Reduction Increase +1.000 Convert 10% Mana to Life +20.000 (now its easier to get nice blue options)

[NEW] Battle Pass Release:

We released a New Pass for you guys, but this time Pass will be short, only 60 days. So, quests are easier and Tiers will be released faster.

We were thinking to wait Season19 Part2-2 release for open new pass, but it would take 30-50 days of waiting and people asked pass, so we added it with lower dates.

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