Patch 18.2.2

Version Season19 Part2-2 Added

  • New Mount Giant Bear & Giant Bear [Rare]

  • New Battle Pass (Game) with HP/EXP/Extra Rewards

  • New Unity Earrings

  • New Map Blood Tarkan

  • New Invasions & New Boss

Server Updates

  • RF Skill Tree Issue (bigger % rec sd than others)

  • KM Skill Delay (because of random DC - Fixed)

  • IK Skill Delay (because of random DC - Fixed)

  • New HotKeys Added (L, J, Control+J, Control+H, etc)

  • New Arena VIP (Relics & Ferea monsters)

  • New Arena VIP+ (100+ Spots)

  • PvM Square visual bugs fixed

  • Now you cannot stay on 'Boss Zone' without Boss Alive

  • Ertell Upgrade Rank4 & Rank5

  • Harmony Option appear on Stores/Trade now

  • Use 'Custom Jewel' with Harmony on Item now

  • Reset function are now allowed inside BC/DS Events

Systems Wipe

  • Wipe of Internal Quests (Better rewards for Internal Quests)

First Total Coins with 50 Quests: 4.500 Coins Second Total Coins with 50 Quests: 22.500 Coins THE NEW Total Coins/GP with 100 Quests: 103.000 Coins & 10.000.000 GP Link:

  • Wipe of PvM Quests in Web for you guys Farm more!

  • Wipe of Donate Quests in Web for you guys get extra Rewards!

(Those Quests will wipe only during Version-Changes, every 6 months) Link:

  • Wipe and Changed Battle Pass System

(Tier1 released only, we will release one Tier per week this time) (Week1: Tier1; Week2: Tier2; Week3: Tier3; Week5: Tier4; Week7: Tier5; Week12: Wipe) Link:

  • Wipe of Hunt Points System

(System still like before, wipe every 5 Weeks) Link:

Epic Helper System

  • We developed an 'Extension of MuHelper', an Auto-Play System that will let you 'afk' without losing Game-Play.

This System is valid only for VIP+ and works during 6h. Link: (

Helper Extension Tips:

  • Disable Reset Auto *Disable Original Position *Disable Pick Function (or you can walk for pick and dont back to spot haha)

  • Reward System (/reward) is offline now. You receive Coin/GP/Ruud automatically.

All Coins/GP/Ruud that people had collected were transfered for the characters automatically.

  • Its a System for you use when you need out for work/sleep, not for use always xD


  • We added new [Boss [Elite] Tantalos], it has 24h Respawn and live in Blood Tarkan

  • All Boss got Extra Coins, for see the complete List Link: (

  • You can see the 'Respawn Time' of each Boss, press the HotKey 'A'

  • You cannot leave your char inside 'Boss Zone' anymore, you will get auto moved



We added many new HotKeys InGame

  • [Ctrl + H]: AntiLag

  • [PageUP]: Enable/Disable 3D Cam

  • [Page Down]: Reset Camera to Original

  • HotKey 'H': Titles

  • HotKey: 'L': Hunt Points

  • HotKey: 'J': Invasion CountDown

  • HotKey: [Ctrl + J]: BOSS CountDown

  • [TOP-Right Buttoms]: Rankings & MuHelper Extension


Credits & XSHOP & RuudShop

  • We did a 'Discount' on some Credits Package, for help newbies to join our server!

  • We did an Update on [XSHOP], with new version things '[Giant Bear Seal]' & Box of Earring

  • We Updated Ruud Shop with Box of Wing (Angel & Devil Wings)

  • We Updated Ruud Shop with Box of Artifact

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