šŸ“–First Steps In-Game

Hello epic Players,

To start this adventure, first let me explain about this gift in your inventory.

When starting with your character, you can access your inventory by pressing (V or I) and you will find a box that contains a pentagram with four "eertels".

ā‘  First, you must "open" it by pressing "ALT + Right-Click" and thus equip them with the "eertels".

ā‘  This Pentagram will give you additional elemental damage. ā‘” Under "Pentagram Info", you will be able to see all attribute information.

Accessing "Interaction table", you will find information where you can see about your element. On the left are the elements you will deal less damage to and receive more damage from. The direct one is the opposite, they are the elements that you will cause more damage and resist the damage caused.

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