Patch Log 19.1.2

  1. UPDATE 1

  • [Fixed] Pr0 Chars join Ch16

  • [Fixed] PvM Square not appear on 'M' hotkey

  • [Fixed] 'not-pick-item' on New Map

  • [Fixed] RF issue with Skill 'Ignore Dmg'

  • [Fixed] Grow Lancer Skill Enhanced Fury (Tree) - 10/20

  • [Fixed] Grow Lancer Skill Wild Breath (Tree) - 20/10

  • [Fixed] Grow Lancer Skill Oversting (Tree) - 20/10

  • [Fixed] some Grow Lancer Skill Tree with 0 damage

  • [Fixed] some issues with 'purchase' on XSHOP

  • [Added] 'Respawn on Safe' for [Hero] Boss

(before was apply only on event boss)

  1. UPDATE 2

  • Fixed issues on PvM Damage from SM / DL characters

(all mobs got defense/hp reformulated for fix this issue, so everybody will see some easier kills in some places, and harder kills other places) We did reload on all server for apply. (didnt have to restart it) CH12 was reloaded two times. Enjoy the black friday of boss/elites hahaha.

  1. UPDATE 3

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item ATK on Belief (BK)

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item Belief on ATK (BK)

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item STR on ENE (MG)

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item ENE on STR (MG)

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item ATK on Buff (FE)

  • [Fixed] Transform Primordial Item Buff on ATK (FE)

  • Some small pvm issues (MG,LM)

  • [Fixed] BK Skill on Apocalypse Shield

(Reload was not necessary this time, so no extra elites/boss to all , hehe)

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