Hello Epic Players,

This time, I brought some guides using the NPC Jerridon (Harmony).

I hope this helps you evolve within the game.


Lorencia - in Map (Harmony)

Noria - in Map (Jerridon)

Who is Jerridon? It is an NPC that will help you on this journey. In it, you will have access to Smelting Stone creations and Additional options.

How to put options?

Required Materials:

  • - 1x Item

  • - 1x Jewel of Harmony

Color options: 🔎

  • Branca - Option normal

  • Azul - Option rare

  • Roxa - Option epic

If you like the options, just confirm.

How to remove options ❓

Required Materials:

  • - 1x Item com Options

  • - 1x Smeltin Stone

① You remove all options.

How to craft Smelting Stone ❓

Required Materials:

  • - 1x Itens +4


  • The higher the item's level+4+15, the more Smelting Stone.

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